Patriarch Teachings

Seven Koans by Master Shi Wu Qing Gong of Yuan Dynasty
Posted on 09.15.12 | by Marla Garcia

The Master was lecturing to all practitioners and he said, “The Buddha is pure and clear. He has four kinds of purity and clarity. They are as followings: To stabilize the mind is to hold the precept; holding the precept is able to obtain Samadhi; when obtaining Samadhi, the inner wisdom will evolve. What is… READ MORE

Master Gui Feng Zong Mi and Monk Question and Answer Session
Posted on 08.31.12 | by Marla Garcia

Zen Master Gui Fen ZongMi had thoroughly mastered Zen practice and Zen Dharma teaching. One day, a visiting monk posed ten questions to Master Gui Fen ZongMi, and he answered each of them, one-by-one. Monk’s Question #1: “What is Dao and how can it be cultivated; why does attainment require cultivation; and why is the… READ MORE

Appendix 2 – Principles of Meditation
Posted on 07.17.12 | by Marla Garcia

A practitioner of meditation balances their mind and adjusts his intentions properly. First, they purify the mind with humility, fold the legs into the lotus posture; withdraw the six senses; and listen and focus inwardly; keep the mind clear and free of delusion; and avoid the pitfall of drowsiness and restlessness. Though memories from the… READ MORE

Appendix 1 – Principles of Meditation
Posted on 05.14.12 | by Marla Garcia

A Bodhisattva on the path of wisdom should exhibit great compassion and aspire to attain Samadhi—not just for one’s own liberation, but also for the sake of liberating all sentient beings. In this way, all attachments to forms are relinquished and any entanglement with worldly affairs ends. Thus, the body and mind are unified, and… READ MORE