Cause and Effect

Every action has a thought that connects to it. So we created this habitual pattern, this thinking pattern. Every mundane person has their own patterns, which lead to very different manifestations in their own mind, leading to very different realities. Everyone is attached to their own unique pattern.

To get rid of this pattern and be aware of all the thoughts generated in our mind, that is why we meditate. That is the real goal and the real purpose. So we have to understand the goal otherwise practice leads to nothing. If you can not achieve this goal, everything is in vain.

From effect we have to identify what type of thought we have. The phenomena already tell us how we create it. Be aware what type of thought cause the reality.  We have to be aware of every thought generated from our mind. We have to cultivate this ability. We learn sutras and methods of practice to try to obtain this ability. Sutras teach us the teachings of Buddhism; we learn impermanence and the phenomena of cause and effect. We know the mind can generate all kinds of thoughts, and every thought leads to results, and all manifestations are from the mind.